Grace Children Hospital

Focusing on one of UMW four priorities for 2017, Maternal and Child Health, the North Giving Focus for this year.

Grace Children's Hospital is a project of International Child Care and supported by United leading medical facility, dedicated to the treatment of children. Your money will help to support all of these projects funded by Grace.


Providing a place of healing and solace to suffering children. They receive nutritious meals and mamans (nurse's aides). Once a child is on the road to recovery, he or she may attend and receive these services for a one time fee of $8.00 USD. Yet so many can't even afford OUTPATIENT CLINIC

Services include:

Pediatric and Adult TB treatment

HIV/AIDS Counseling and Treatment

General Pediatric Clinic

Eye Clinic

Reproductive Health Services

ANy questions please, Contact your District President for details

Be Blessed!

Peggy Land, E&I