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NT UMW Officers

Current officers (2017) are listed below. These Officers were elected at the October 2016 Annual Celebration & Mtg. asumed their duties January 1st, 2017. A list of 2017 Officers is in pdf form and available as a pdf by clicking here.


New officers for 2018 were elected at the October 2017 Annual Celebration & Mtg. and will asume their duties January 1st, 2018. A list of 2018 Officers is in pdf form and available as a pdf by clicking here.


Mae Alexander

Send Email  •  (214)339-1950

Mae's home church  is Church of the Disciple UMC, DeSoto in the Metro District.

This is Mae's second term as the UMW President.


Gwendolyn Young

Send Email  •  (903)783-0363

Gwendolyn's home church is Calvary UMC, Paris: East District.







Julie Noel

Send Email

Julie is a member at Highland Park UMC- Dallas in the Metro District.

Communications & Webmaster

Stephanie Lee

Send Email  •  (903)249-3774

Stephanie's home church is Mt. Zion UMC - Paris in the East District.

Stephanie would love to have your website-ready information as a document. Please email information [as a document] for our website to

Stephanie will post your photos. Send your pictures of UMW events for our photo albums to her. If you have a lot to offer, she will help you with an upload to a Dropbox account.
Stephanie manages our Membership Database. Please send her your group's contact information so that all members are aware of the opportunities of UMW involvement.

Would you like to help manage our facebook page? Help write short articles for our e-newsletter and website? Assist with our member database? If you have another idea for Communications or marketing UMW in N. Texas, please contact our team!

Contact my email for assistance.

Spiritual Growth Mission Coordinator

Vicki Busby

Send Email  •  (972)345-5639

Vicki's home church is Grace UMC, Sherman which is part of the Northwest District.

She has served in this position since 2015.
Vicki will plan and coordinate the Conference Spiritual Growth Retreat.

Membership Nurture and Outreach Mission Coordinator

Joyce Whiteley

Send Email  •  (972)223-1422

Joyce is a member of First United Church of Duncanville and she is in Metro District.

MEMBERSHIP HINT: Report your group's calendar year membership count in January 1st. The form is in Excel format and interactive - it adds the numbers you enter and comes up with a total! A Microsoft word document is available as well, but is not interactive. Find them on the FORMS tab on this website.

Educaton & Interpretation Mission Coordinator

Peggy Land

Send Email  •  (214)769-6604

Peggy's home church is Axe Memorial UMC, Garland in the Metro District.

This is Peggy's first term as E & I Coordinator.

Social Action Mission Coordinator

Dr. Ann Muir

Send Email  •  (972)931-1991

Dr. Muir is a member of Arapho UMC - Richardson in the Metro District.

Program Resources

Pres Ida Pimentel

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Pres attends church attends Walnut Hill UMC, Dallas:  Metro District.




Language Officer

Cynthia Dooley

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Cynthia is a member of Tyler Street UMC, Dallas: Metro District.

Co Chair of the Committee on Nominations

Jane Morris


Jane home church is Ridgewood Paris UMC, Dallas in which is in the METRO District.

Have you felt a nudge on your shoulder? Do you feel the call?
Contact Jane to talk about how you would like to be involved! There are several non-traditional ways you can serve.

Co-Chair of Committee on Nominations

Linda Fonteneaux

Send Email  •  (214)415-6435

Linda is a member of The Village UMC, Desota: Metro District.

Have you felt a nudge on your shoulder? Do you feel the call?
Talk to Linda about how you would like to be involved! There are several non-traditional ways you can serve.


Committee on Nominations, class of 2017

Robbye Williams

Send Email  •  (214)376-7485

Robbye's home church is Community UMC , which is in the Metro District.

Committee on Nominations

Cynthia Harry

Send Email  •  (972)530-3556

Cynthia is on the Committee on Nominations, Class of 2019. She is a member of Hamilton Park UMC, Dallas which is in the Metro District.



Committee on Nominations

Connie Stauter


Cynthia home church is First UMC-Paris, Paris: East District.

Dean, Mission u

Beverly Funk

Send Email  •  (972)613-8485

Beverly attends First UMC-Dallas: Metro District.

Assistant Dean, Mission u:

Ona Calvo

Send Email

Standing Rules Committee Chair

Tricia Loe

Send Email

Tricia's home church is Suncreek UMC in Allen which is in the North Central District.


Legacy Fund, Chair

Joy Adams

Send Email

Joy attends St Luke "Community" UMC, Dallas:  Metro District.

President, EAST District

Greta McKelvey

Send Email  •  (703)200-4657

Greta is a member of Warren Chapel UMC.

President, METRO District

Shirley Pleasant

Send Email

Shirley is a member of Hamilton Park UMC - Dallas.

President, NORTH CENTRAL District

Denise Barker

Send Email

Denise is a member of First Rowlett.

NORTHWEST District President

Teresa Stopher

Send Email  •  (903)436-0996

Teresa is a member of Collinsville UMC, Collinsville.