Mission u defined

Mission u

Mission u: Learning Together for Transformation of the World is an opportunity to study current issues impacting society based on recent mission study topics. Misssion u is open to everyone: men, women, clergy, lay people, adults, youth, children, members and non-members of United Methodist Women.  Mission u is organized by conference United Methodist Women leadership.
Each Misssion u event offers classes on topics covering three themes:

2017 Mission Studies

  • Spiritual growth: Living as a Convenant Community
  • Geographic: Missionary Conferences of The United Methodist Church in the United States
  • Issue study: Climate Justice: A Call to Hope and Action
  • Children study

What shall I expect?

At Mission u Learning Together for Transformation of the World you grow in understanding of the mission of the church in the current world context. The studies give particular attention to the responsibilities of women in the fulfillment of the mission work of the church.

Mission u Events also include:

  • Worship & singing
  • Focus Groups and Mission Moments around current issues
  • Audiovisual presentations
  • Fellowship! You will get to know others in your community and find so much in common!

When is Mission u in our area?

Mission u:2017 will be held  July 19-22 Arapaho UMC 1400 W Arapaho Road, Richardson, Texas

Where will Mission u take place in North Texas?

Mission u:2017  will be held at Arapaho UMC 1400 W Arapaho Road, Richardson, Texas