Watch the 45th Annual Meeting at Lovers Lane

We have two video links from the Oct. 27, 2018 45th NTC UMW Annual Meeting and Celebration  at Lovers Lane UMC (LLUMC).

A link to the PDF of the Program Book will be available soon. 

Our Guest Speaker

Length 40 minutes containing:

  • [at 1m9s]     Introduction of Speaker by Rose Watson
  • [at 5m10s]   Speaker - The Reverend Joy Carol
  • [at 34m34s] Hymn of Invitation before Communion


First part of meeting  

Length 1 hour and 25 minutes containing:

  • [at 0m30s]  Purpose and Theme by Greta McKelvey  VP NTC UMC
  • [at 2m30s]  Invocation and Remarks by Bishop Michael McKee 
  • [at 9m10s]  Remarks by Rev Dr. Stan Copeland at LLUMC
  • [at 14m10s] Spritual Reading by Elgie Loyd, Spiritual Growth Coordinator NTC UMW (with simultaneous reading in French, Maly, Spanish and Tagalog/Pilipino)
  • [at 16m0s]  Minutes, Roll and Membership Report by Adrienna Sterley, Sectetary, NTC UMW  (for Joyce Whiteley, MN&O NTC UMW)
  • [at 23m20s] Recognition of Guests by Mae H. Alexander, President NTC UMW
  • [at 27m30s] Congregational Hymn: We All Are One In Mission
  • [at 30m55s] Minutes audit team announced by Mae H. Alexander, President NTC UMW
  • [at 31m30s] Offering
  • [at 35m35s] Finance Report by Julie Noel Treasurer NTC UMW
  • [at 48m20s] Legacy Fund Report by Joy Adams, Legacy Fund Chair NTC UMW
  • [at 1h0m5s] Peggy Land, Education & Interpretation Coordinator NTC UMW
  • [at 1h4m35s] Committee on Nominations Report by Linda Fonteneaux, Nominations Chair NTC UMW
  • [at 1h9m45s] Installation of Officers & Mission Team by Rev. Jo M. Biggerstaff
  • [at 1h19m40s]  President's Annoucement & Recognition of Outgoing 2018 Leadership by Mae H. Alexander & Julie Noel