Membership, Nurture and Outreach Reports

Current Year 2019:

UMW unit 2019 reporting forms deadline for local units to send in reporting forms to the district presidents is 08.15.19.  District presidents then need to organize and send their district's information to Greta McKelvey for inclusion in the 10/2019 Annual Conference & Celebration program book by 09.01.19. The report form for 2019 is at this file. This file includes the following reports: M N & O Report (includes the Memorial Listing), Local Unit Recognition, Reading Program, Charter for Racial Justice and Designated Giving. You can download this report and fill in the form on the computer before printing or email it.  

Remember:  we are not collecting "5 Star + 1 or 2" data this year from the treasurers.  National UMW no longer recognizes (and has not, for some time) units for any "+1, +2, or other" giving categories.  We still need district treasurers to track which of their local units give in all channels of giving (the "5 Star" category), but other designated giving will need to be listed on the "Designated Giving" form.  This year, we will try to lift up any and all units for their giving efforts locally and regionally in addition to any and all National UMW-supported mission outreach projects.


  August 2020