Proposed Changes to Standing Rules

This year United Methodist Women celebrated our 150th birthday! What started with a gathering of eight women has become an organization of 800,000 women around the globe. Traditions and rules guide our large organization. Over time, these traditions and rules must evolve and adapt to current programs, what works for the women involved and current technology. These changes need to be reflected in our bylaws.

Proposed bylaw changes are posted for members to review before a vote is taken at the next Annual Meeting. They were last updated two years ago. A complete review of the bylaws has been done and officers and members have given their input. We will vote on these changes at the upcoming Annual Meeting on October 19, 2019.

The proposed changes either clarify or update our bylaws to how we handle our business. Examples are:

  • paying mileage expense at “the current IRS business mileage rate”
  • removing events or committees that no longer exist at the national level
  • updating our elections to include national leadership opportunities
  • notification requirements to use email and posting on our website
  • removing requirements that our budgets cannot support

As stated in our bylaws, the Standing Rules Committee may adopt clerical corrections that make no substantive changes to the Standing Rules without a vote. So some language has been simplified and “Conference Mission Team” has been updated to be “Conference Leadership Team.” Sections now have topics in bold to make it easy to find what you need.

These proposed changes to our bylaws have been considered carefully and will help guide current and future leadership. They fully support and advance the mission of the United Methodist Women organization in North Texas. Please download the PDF of proposed changes and review them. We have made it easy to read with deletions in red and added words in blue.

If you have questions or concerns, please direct them to Wendy Campbell