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How can you speak out and be heard? One way is to put your thoughts on paper - or in a letter to the editor of your hometown newspaper, your college newspaper, or your church newsletter.

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Beth Pirtle is a great role model! Here she is helping educate Dallas about respect of people in our community by calling out those who use common, but improper terminolgy.


"Illegal Immigrant" No More!

4/02/2013  Click above to read about the AP decision to stop using the term

Our Efforts Make a Difference!

I am reminded of the petition that Iowans of faith - starting with Doris Knight and all the United Methodists - began back before the 2008 Caucus. During November in 2007 Iowans collected 4400 signatures to a petition and then met with all of the candidates - including then Senator Obama - urging that they drop the term "illegal." Obama's campaign did because of the petition. There has been lots of other things happen during this time, but this shows to us that our work, though hard and overwhelming at times, does ultimately lead to success.
Good memories and something to celebrate. Thanks everyone and thanks IOWA!!!

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